Closing conference Bio-P2G

Biomethane, hydrogen and innovating the old

In order to achieve the goals of the climate agreement, large-scale generation of sustainable energy and the reuse of CO2 are essential. .A necessary condition for the large-scale generation of renewable energy is the storage of surplus solar and wind energy.  Over the past four years, Hanze University of Applied Science Groningen has conducted research into this and gained new insights into an old process.

Under the leadership of Hanze University , universities and companies were involved in research into how we can store sustainably generated electricity in the form of old-style methane (natural gas).The great thing about this is that carbon dioxide is reused in this process. How does it work? So-called primeval bacteria eat green hydrogen (processed from sustainable electricity) and carbon dioxide from biomass and convert it into methane.

During the closing conference of Bio P2G, you will enquire new insights into an old process. You will also get an impression of the role that biomethane can play in the  local energy systems of the future.

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>> The closing conference will be held in Dutch!





Sep 19, 2019
Groningen, The Netherlands
Oct 3, 2019
Haren, Groningen
Oct 3, 2019
Energy Academy ​Europe, Groningen
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