GERG, MARCOGAZ, EnTranCe, GasTerra, Gasunie, New Energy Coalition invite you to join the European Gas Technology Conference 2019 (EGATEC) in the city of Groningen, The Netherlands.

This 4th edition of EGATEC will be held from Wednesday 6 to Friday 8 November 2019.
EGATEC will be opened by the Commissioner of the King, Mr. René Paas in the ‘Der Aa-kerk’, Groningen.

The conference location is the Zernike Campus in Groningen where EnTranCe, Centre of Expertise Energy is situated. EnTranCe is a testing ground for applied research in the field of energy transition.

Who should attend?

Over 200 representatives from the European gas industry – delegates from the European energy industry, delegates from science and research organizations and energy related authorities – will gather in this leading gas event. Participants are gas technology executives, gas engineers and researchers as well as market professionals and policy makers.

Please note that the early bird fee – before Monday September 16 is €550,-.

The programme

This technical conference program is built on the theme ‘GAS IN THE FUTURE EUROPEAN ENERGY MIX’ and examines how natural gas and renewable gases are key for Europe to achieve its net zero emission goals by 2050 without relaxing strict requirements on security of supply, efficiency and safety.

This conference will give an update of the latest development on topics like:
• Natural gas in Groningen and The Netherlands
• Quantification and mitigation of methane emissions in the gas industry
• The utilization of natural and renewable gases & hybrid solutions suitable in
the future energy mix
• The role of gas in mobility
• The impact of injecting renewable gases in the natural gas system
• Decarbonizing natural gas

The conference program includes over 30 presentations from prominent and expert speakers.
More information can be found on

Join the technical visits

The technical visits on Friday 8th November from 13h20 till 17h00 will bring you to various research and operational sites in the region where new technologies or under commercial development are looked after such as ‘HyStock’, a Hydrogen factory where green Hydrogen is produced, opened in June by King Willem-Alexander. More information will soon be available on

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Groningen, The Netherlands
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Haren, Groningen
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Energy Academy ​Europe, Groningen
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