Networking Event: Northern Netherlands and Northern Germany

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New Energy Coalition is organising the networking event New pathways to sustainable fuels in collaboration with Renewable Energy Hamburg, Handelskammer Hamburg and NBSO-Hamburg on Thursday 25 April 2019 in Hamburg, Germany. During this North-North collaboration we will have an in-depth look at the ambitions of both regions on new fuels; the initiatives to ‘green’ mobility segments and path-breaking regulatory changes.

The mobility sector relies heavily on the use of fossil energy fuels to fulfil in their energy demand, meanwhile contributing to about one-fifth of the EU’s total emission of carbon dioxide (CO2). The revolution of traditional energy fuels into more sustainable fuels as part of the energy transition represents a significant (international) challenge. Realistic and sustainable concepts must be developed to stimulate new pathways for the adoption of these fuels by the various mobility sectors. Cross-border alignment and international cooperation is a pre-requisite for a successful adaptation of sustainable fuels.

Via a number of keynotes we will focus on the revolution of sustainable fuels in various mobility segments in the Northern Netherlands and Northern Germany. Together with public and private parties we have to design and jointly realise the new pathways. In the various sessions there will be special attention for: North-North ambitions on new fuels; the initiatives to ‘green’ mobility segments and path-breaking regulatory changes.

11:30Option to visit the Vattenfall H2 fuelstation
Start 12:30 Walk-in event incl. lunch
13:30Official opening and welcome
13:45Clean fuels  - the outlook for ssLNG
14:15Clean fuels for road transport - the outlook for hydrogen
14:45 Clean fuels in the railway sector - local solutions
16:30Wrap - up
16:45The rational of green mobilisation & North-North cooperation


The day may be concluded with participation in the celebration of the King’s birthday at the Dutch Honorary Consulate in Hamburg (Am Sandtorkai 41, 20457).

Language: English
Location: Handelskammer Hamburg, Adolfplatz 1, 20457 Hamburg

**Registration is closed**

For more information about the event, please contact Ms. Miralda van Schot or Ms. Debby Huiser.