How we face our challenge

New Energy Coalition’s mission is a big challenge, which we certainly don’t shy away from! We have a unique approach to innovation. This approach is characterised by open innovation and collaboration between knowledge parties, governments and businesses and is focused on applying and developing new revenue models. Young people will play a prominent role in this at knowledge institutions, businesses and governments.

The three organisations that have merged into New Energy Coalition have collectively built a strong foundation of existing knowledge. We will continue to build on this. Furthermore, in the Energy Valley region we are surrounded by the existing energy sector and many relevant businesses. Our northern roots combined with the regional urgency to change give us an extra motivation. And above all, we have the unique opportunity to provide a substantial contribution to a more sustainable and beautiful world for future generations!

Our projects
New Energy Coalition is involved in numerous inspiring projects that contribute to a more beautiful and sustainable world. Below is a selection. The projects relate to the four breakthrough topics that we regard as essential  to accelerating the energy transition.


Sep 19, 2019
Groningen, The Netherlands
Oct 3, 2019
Haren, Groningen
Oct 3, 2019
Energy Academy ​Europe, Groningen
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