Our values and motivations

New Energy Coalition wants to make the world a more sustainable and beautiful place. As a young energy coalition we want to connect parties and stir enthusiasm in each other to jointly realise breakthroughs for the energy transition. 

  • We are independent and have our own ideas about how to contribute to the energy transition
  • We are optimistic and work on progress and a better world
  • We are energetic and stir enthusiasm in each other and all parties involved to realise breakthroughs
  • We are open to reform, to sharing knowledge and we believe in open innovations; sharing to realise the energy transition
  • We want to work together as a team and in co-creation with partners: working together on energy transition

We are rooted in the Energy Valley region. The region is the national energy supplier with large-scale and decentralised generation and storage including North Sea energy ports, knowledge-research-innovation infrastructure and is at the heart of the Northern European gas and power network.

This region is directly affected by the fossil energy system; this drives the urgency to change and leads to unity amongst policy makers, citizens, governments, knowledge institutes and business enterprises. This area, with an abundance of space, agriculture, water and nature, offers many opportunities for the development of the sustainable energy mix required to realise the energy transition.

Sep 19, 2019
Groningen, The Netherlands
Oct 3, 2019
Haren, Groningen
Oct 3, 2019
Energy Academy ​Europe, Groningen
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