Our values, roots and motivations

New Energy Coalition is a young organisation that wants to make the world a more sustainable and beautiful place. We do this in our way with contemporary values. We are independent and have our own ideas about how to contribute to the energy transition. As such, we follow our own energy transition agenda. We are optimistic and work on progress and a better world. We are energetic and stir enthusiasm in each other and all parties involved to realise breakthroughs. We are open to reform, to sharing knowledge and we believe in open innovations; sharing to realise the energy transition. We want to work together as a team and in co-creation with partners: working together on energy transition.

Our roots lie in the north of the Netherlands, in the Energy Valley Region. The geography and unique qualities of the Northern Netherlands provide us with a strong starting position for knowledge development and a unique testing ground for new and innovative applications. After all, the Northern Netherlands borders the North Sea and has a deepwater port. The region is a crossroad of energy connections from land and sea with a gas hub serving Europe; oil and gas pipes and power lines come ashore from the North Sea. Adding to that a strong energy sector and major industries like agro, ICT, chemical and renowned knowledge institutions, such as the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Applies Sciences.

The extraction of fossil fuels has many negative effects. In the North, we experience the direct consequences of the extraction of natural gas. This motivates us even more to accelerate the energy transition. The geographic location combined with our motivations makes the North the region for accelerating the energy transition.

Jan 16, 2019
Groningen, The Netherlands
Jan 23, 2019
Hall of Knights, The Hague
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