Campus Groningen is bursting with initiatives, research, pilots and ‘living labs’ on energy and the energy transition – a dynamic hotspot of collaborations and co-productions between companies and knowledge institutions. An intricate network on the Campus is working on the question, how we can supply ourselves in the future with sustainable energy. This ‘energy network’ is now set out in a bidbook ‘Pioneering with Energy’. The bidbook is not only of interest for those working on energy on and around the Campus, but also for those parties who are intersted in joining this network.

During the latest meeting of the steering committee of the Campus on Thursday October 5, Edward van der Meer, managing director of Campus Groningen offererd the first copy to Gertjan Lankhorst, CEO of the New Energy Coalition. The bidbook was presented in teh presence of Jan de Jeu (Member of the Board of the UG), Henk Pijlman (president of the Board of the Hanze University), Paul van der Wijk (Board of the Hanze University), alderman Joost van Keulen (municipality of Groningen), alderman Roeland van der Schaaf (municipality of Groningen) and Henk Snapper (Board of Governors of the UMCG).


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You can download the bidbook ‘Pioneering with Energy’ (in Dutch) here.

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