Our vision on energy transition

Energy transition is more than developing new forms of energy production. Our vision is that the energy transition is a system transformation towards a sustainable system of generating, storing, distributing and applying energy.

Industries will therefore have to switch to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. The distribution of energy will change. Can we use the current infrastructure differently, or will there be a completely new infrastructure? Consumers will experience the consequences of the system transformation as well. For instance, cooking and heating with natural gas will eventually disappear and in the near future our cars will no longer run on diesel and petrol.

Because these developments are going on all over the world, investments are being made everywhere in the development and application of sustainable energy. New industries are emerging and existing industries, such as the chemical, agro (bio-based) and transport sector, are transforming themselves. Governments play a key role in this through directive climate and economic policies.

Jan 16, 2019
Groningen, The Netherlands
Jan 23, 2019
Hall of Knights, The Hague
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